Holly Dometrorch

Holly has successfully competed in hunters and jumpers on the 'A' circut for many years on both coasts as well as in the midwest.  She is competitive in Baby Green Hunters thru Grand Prix Jumpers and has ridden or coached many state and regional champions as well as nationally ranked horses.  
Holly began her college career competing 
on the IHSA team for Sweet Briar College 
in Virginia, and was their highest placing rider.  After her freshman year she moved to the west coast, competing in Arizona, New Mexico and California, again winning numerous championships and year end awards.  For several years she ran a successful hunter/jumper barn just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, competing up and down the east coast from New York to Florida.  She has returned home to Missouri and is excited to share her equestrian knowledge and experience. 
Holly is a patient and positive instructor.  She believes in building confidence in both horse and rider to develop their full potential.  She places a strong emphasis on equitation to develop correct body position and use of aids. She believes training in dressage as well as experience riding in the open benefits all riders, no matter their competitive discipline.
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